In 2005 awesomeness was made available as a five minute download.
That was with the first release of Firefox, a multi platform OS full of Gecko and Open Source
I was the fresh faced teen just out of high school who downloaded version
1.0 to see what all the fuss was about and I promptly fell in love.
Now in version 3.6.3 Firefox  retains the number one awesomeness ingredient it had back in the day:
It’s suppport for add-ons.
Below I share five of my all time favorite Firefox extensions:


This extension enables you to pick a colour on any site and see it’s hexa value.
So you wondering what that pretty colour on my site is? No problem just get colourzilla.
Only  the truly colour blind would hate it.
A must have for anyone who maintains sites,does web development or regular file downloads.
Makes FTP uploads a breeze.
3. Firebug
Thinking you can do a better job on my site design? Well this nifty addon gives you the ability to play God. Tinker with
your designs or other folks and watch changes being rendered in real time.
4. Twitterfox:
Now called Echofon but I like the old name better. This addon allows you to log in to twitter remotely. It notifies you of other people’s
tweets in realtime. Removes the need to keep a twitter browser window or tab open.
5. Identifox:
Like twitter fox,only that it’s for