Month: August 2013

Dr. Strangelove (or how I learnt to stop worrying and love the serpent!) : A proposal to adopt Omieri as a mascot for the Nairobi Python Community

Omieri is the name of a legendary mythical python from western Kenya. Local folklore bestows it with mystical power. A sighting of Omieri is generally regarded as a good omen and is believed to signify the coming of the rains. The local communities that practice mostly rainfed agriculture are confident that plenty of rainfall and… publishes pricing, in initial closed beta

Local cloud start up kili. io has published details of it’s plans and pricing on it’s website and started signing up users for beta testing. has it’s servers in local data centres, and the startup’s cloud offering promises low latency compute and storage infrastructure that’s API-compatible with Amazon and OpenStack. Prices start at USD…