April 23rd:

Checked  out Yu’s unlimited data deal yesterday. Cost KShs 49 – that is a  little over 50 US cents. Did 128 MB. That amounts to less than KShs. 0.40 per MB. Good rate but net kept breaking off after 11p.m

Detailed blog post ought to follow soon.

June 4th:

Rediscovered my Google Docs today. Realized I use my drafts mostly for what I ought to do in Google Docs.

Continuing work on Mzuka, my script for a feature movie.

Getting to have fun with a pal’s Acer Aspire one. It’s the original one that had SSD and used to cost like 16-17k. Safcom used to stock them before pulling em of the market because the Acer OS they ran had issues with thier modems.

My pal’s is dualbooting Ubuntu NR and Mandriva. Getting to pull it out i places I would never think of displaying my laptop.

Love this damn thing. Plus Zain Net behaving means I get to actually use Net on the Netbook.

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